Shannon Elliott

How we work:

At Elliott Design Group, we know that you want to come out of the design process with results that really work for your business. As a small business, we know that an investment in design and marketing must be a careful step, which is why we have a time-tested system in place to ensure that we clearly understand your vision from the very beginning. Our goal is to provide the best customer service, with a commitment to quality craftsmanship, in both design, and development.

Step One: You contact us via phone or email and we carefully listen to your objectives and determine the scope of your project. This gives us the opportunity to get a basic understanding of your goals and provide you with our best advice on how to move forward.

Step Two: We will issue a written estimate of both time and cost via e-mail, along with a brief project information sheet that will further assist us in gathering pertinent information about your project. If our estimate works with your budget, we ask that you return a signed copy, along with the completed project information sheet, and we will begin work on your project, following the timeline we have discussed.

Step Three: Depending on the scope of the project, one or more design comps will be created. We will then go through a series of comp reviews, usually via e-mail, allowing you to provide feedback until the final design is accomplished. Using this system, we find that there is ample space given for communication, enabling us to be successful in achieving the goals of our client's projects.

Our goal is to not only meet, but to exceed, your expectations each and every time you work with us. If there is anything that we can do to improve your EDG experience, please let us know.